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CSV file to DB table: only 1st record goes through

Question asked by on Jun 20, 2017
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Hi guys, I'm new to Boomi, so may be missing a simple concept here. Please help.


Use Case: Read a .csv file and insert the records into an SQL database table.

Problem: Only the first record is coming through to the database upon the successful process test.

Assumption: I assume that Boomi will loop through each record in the .csv file and insert it into the database without me having to implement the looping.

Test result: Success.




The process is very simple: flat file connector in the start shape with a get operation; map; DB connector with a send operation.


The flat file connector is also simplistic, default options, no caching, contains only 2 records for simplicity, valid data.


The DB connector operation is basic too.


Could not make the map any simpler either:



The flat file profile has 'using column headers' checked.

The DB profile is using a dynamic insert into a single table.



'Shape Source Data' at Map stage (as expected):



'Shape Source Data' at the next step after Map (not sure if that looks right):



Log at the DB connector (successfully writing the 1st record):



Everything else looks normal too.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.