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Test Mode Using Wrong Version of Process

Question asked by trey.yeager826393 on Jun 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2017 by nunnapradeep868228

In Test Mode it appears as though some of the sub-processes I am calling are not being updated when they are changed.

I have a process that calls "Process Data File" this process then has a process route that determines which sub-process to call. In my current test case it is calling "GL Flat File Processor". The issue is that I have made changes to "GL Flat File Processor" but they are not taking affect when doing a test.

I even made some changes to "GL Flat File Processor" to force it to through an error, but what I see is it calls shapes that are no longer connected.

It appears as though Test Mode is still using a previous version of this process even while showing me the most recent version.


I have checked the deployment status of some of these processes. "GL Flat File Processor" has never been deployed, but the process route calling it had been deployed. I undeployed the process route and got the same results. I then redeployed the process route and got the same results.


I am using Chrome if that matters.