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Interpreting Bizarre Duplicate Log Entries

Question asked by crhea on Jun 23, 2017

I seem to grow more frustrated with Boomi every time I use it. I have a certification from this product and I still spend most of my time throwing documents against a wall until something sticks.


My current problem is around interpreting logs in the Build screen where I'm seeing lots of duplicate entries and mixed data across documents. I almost don't even know how to frame the question because there are so many unknown variables and behaviors in Boomi.


I have a Database Profile that is a Dynamic Update with 2 condition fields. Immediately after I map to this profile, I have a Branch shape. When I look at the Branch logs in Test mode, I see "Creating data for branch 1" once but I see "Creating data for branch 2" twice. Why? What could possibly cause the same document to branch more than once?


It compounds when I get past the Branch shape and hit a Database connector with 2 parameters. I see three separate full sets of "Parameter 1 value = ...", "Parameter 2 value = ...". Why would the Parameters be set three times for a single Database query?


I'm hoping this is more of a logging issue, because the behavior I'm seeing is completely non sensible.