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Route Shape and Split Documents

Question asked by keane.peterson395338 on Jun 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2017 by keane.peterson395338

I've got a fairly straightforward process that GETs a csv from a Disk connection, breaks it into 1000 row sections (using a Data Process - Split Document), performs a mapping, and SENDs a number of JSON files. I'm going to have to alter this process by including a Route shape, which will provide different execution paths based on a element value in the flat file profile. (Basically each route will use a different JSON profile in a Map, depending on the element).


I'd like to maintain my Split Document Data Process setup for each execution path, to keep the outputted JSONs in 1k pieces. I'm curious where to place each Split Document as a best practice. Would it be best to go: Route -> Data Process -> Map, for each execution path? Or place the Data Process at a different point?


Basically, one sample csv I'm using has 26k in rows, with 25k having one element value, and the remaining 1k having another value. I want the Route to be looped through, and the end result being 25 JSON files generated using one JSON profile, and 1k using the other. Hopefully that makes sense.