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RightNow cloud integration possible with the available boomi connector ?

Question asked by reddimseshu on Jun 27, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2018 by reddimseshu

Hi Friends,

I have an integration from RightNow (Oracle service cloud ) to Eloquo. its a cloud to cloud integration where i need contacts to be Synched in both ways.

i,e is if an user create a contact in right now it should be created in Eloqua and in the same way if the contact is created in Eloqua it should be created in Rightnow.


Can some one help on the approch here.


I tried to connect to right now using the standard adapter given by boomi and the connection seems to be not working and in the documentation it was said that we can use Dell Boomi AtomSphere's RightNow connector to integrate any on-premise applications and legacy systems and i am not sure if we can use this to integrate with Right now cloud.