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Error Connecting to Soap WSDL URL :Received fatal alert: protocol_version

Question asked by koushik.saha297727 on Jul 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2017 by daniel.santana

What I did was -

1. created a Web Services SOAP Client with this in

WSDL Url: and SOAP Endpoint Url:

2. Did not use any Authtication

3. Tried to import the Soap operations by using a web service SOAP Client created as above.

But I am getting this error while importing-

Unable to browse connector: Unable to read WSDL from URL: com.boomi.webservices.AuthWSDLLocatorImpl$WsdlLocatorException: Error locating component for WSDL; Caused by: Error locating component for WSDL; Caused by: Received fatal alert: protocol_version


Can any one tell me what could be the issue/wrong I am doing here?


Note: I did not gave the actual URL here for confidentiality in this post.