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HTTP POST request - can't figure out

Question asked by on Jul 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2018 by landan.cerff268249

Hi All, 


I seem to be doing everything by the textbook, but just can't get it working. Please take a look.


First off, the API spec for posting this specific request is below:


Postman setup - all working:



Above, I am sending 4 fields as JSON, receiving a full json response. All good here.


Boomi set up below - not working, returning 500 code.


HTTP Client Operation (Add Skill):



My fields are set up as replacement variables in HTTP Client Operation:


I did not set parameters at the HTTP connector shape.

They are set as dynamic document properties before the HTTP connector.


JSON profile used in the HTTP client operation is below, same for request and response:



Assumption: connector is working fine because I use it for GET requests successfully.


Anything wrong I am doing?

I thought I'd have to pass only one parameter to the API function and that would include the whole json, like in Postman, but didn't work. I tried to play around with connector parameters - didn't work either. I guess an understanding of how and when to use what options in Boomi is missing, so will appreciate thoughts and advice on this. 


Thanks in advance.