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pass xml clob to stored procedure write

Question asked by dcollins724067 on Jul 11, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2017 by dcollins724067

Steps: (simplified)
1. Read the XML from a file.
2. Pass the XML to an write stored procedure (Oracle)


Basically, feed the entire contents of the file directly to the input variable of the stored procedure.


The Oracle stored procedure has a single input parameter defined as a CLOB.
(We presently pass XML to this stored procedure via Infor ION, so we know the SP is good)


My attempts:
1. Disk shape -> Database shape
yields: Embedded message: Unrecognized content in database write token.

2. Disk shape -> Map shape -> Database shape
yields: Embeded message: Unexpected data format: no data set delimiter.

I have not had any luck to find explaination about those error messages.

I found that I can successfully send an individual element of the XML to the stored procedure, but, have not been able to figure out how to send the full XML structure as data.
(basically, send entire contents of file in one shot to the stored procedure)