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Setting atom queue name dynamically

Question asked by on Jul 14, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2017 by Adam Arrowsmith

Hi All,


I have a requirement.


Boomi listens IDOCs from SAP and they have to be grouped and batched based receiving partner and IDOC type. Those batched/grouped messages have to be sent to partners in a single message. Also, I want to decouple the SAP listen and individual partner+IDOC specific process. Here, I want to use the atom queue. I will define one queue for one partner+IDOC type and the SAP listen service will push the IDOCs to specific queue based on the partner+ IDOC type. However, I want to set the queue name dynamically, so that if in future if new partner comes, I can simply create a new queue and add it the cross reference table instead of touching the SAP listen service.


Could you please let me know how I can set queue name dynamically?