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Question asked by irishfrancis.cadena173753 on Jul 11, 2017
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Hi, I hope someone can help. This is an integration with netsuite and concur.

I am trying to cache a document that will have fields coming from the project list and employee list of netsuite.

i am getting the internal ID and name of the employee, and internal ID and project name of the projects.


input example:

employee ID : 1

name : employee 1


employee ID: 2

name: employee 2


project id: 10001

name: project 1


Project id: 10002

name: project 2


result :


1*employee 1*10001*project 1

1*employee 1*10002*project 2

2*employee 2*10001*project 1

2*employee 2*10002*project 2


I am able to this already, but when the number of employees and projects increase, i receive the overstackerror.

Can someone help? below is the diagram of what I am doing.