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Vendor WSDL has limitation to use Generic XML (string based) instead of Record (object) based XML

Question asked by pkannojoo on Jul 14, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2017 by pkannojoo

Hello All - 


Please advice if there is a better approach to attain the string based XML format 


I have created my mapping based on the record (object) based XML.  Vendor is saying that since the application is multi-tenant, I have to rebuild/redeploy an object based Web service after any change to the method/module it contains. For a string-based Web service, Vendor does not require me to rebuild/redeploy the Web service as long as I make minor changes to the method structure. But, when I make major changes to the method structure (the one that affects Web service WSDL—for example, add/remove the method), I have to rebuild/redeploy the Web service.


Hence the vendor is suggesting to go with string-based Web Services.  This means, my mapping will not be straight forward mapping.  My source is XML output but the target will be String based XML.  


Can anybody provide advice?  Have anybody come across this scenario in your experience?