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* SSL Certificate renewal 6th August 2017 - Any Action is required from Dell Boomi end?

Question asked by rudrappa.m388810 on Jul 26, 2017
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Hello folks,


I'm a dell boomi consultant and received a notification from SAP telling that SSL certificate for the *  are going to be updated. All our Process are deployed in DC2 atom(SF EU Standard Cloud (DC2) in the cloud. can anyone confirm if there any action to take to update SSL? Or does Boomi handle this on its side?


Customer Notification:
SSL Certificate Renewal-


Dear SuccessFactors Customer,

We have been made aware of an important development wherein the existing SSL certificates may no longer be recognized by popular browsers including Google Chrome in the near future. Hence, we will proactively change the SSL certificates for * domain in your Non-Production and Production environments on Sunday August 6th, 2017 as part of SAP SuccessFactors’ ongoing commitment to invest in our cloud platform with highest quality infrastructure to achieve increased stability and reliability while proactively managing future requirements in order to maintain higher availability standards for your HCM Suite application.

As per SAP Note:2508786

Integration scenario with Successfactors:

  • Note that if any of your external Application (On Premise SAP PI, On-Premise SAP ERP or 3rd party system) is integrated with successfactors via API endpoint URL (SFAPI/OData API), for e.g. and Successfactors certificates are maintained in your application, you would have to re-import the certificate in your application as * certificate is going to be renewed.
  • If your external application is triggering processes in middleware DELL BOOMI using SF hosted cloud atom which has base URL as then you would have to re-import renewed certificate again which can be downloaded from browser via atom base URL.