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Questions on Trading Partners and EDI profile validations behavior

Question asked by lawson_it_support275393 on Jul 28, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2017 by gasweet283435

The Trading Partners and EDI profile validations are confusing (or possibly I don't have sufficient knowledge).

Please help me with the following scenarios and how the EDI profile validations work with Trading Partners and mapping.

1. Configured an EDI spec for 850

2. Configured Trading partners to read the 850 documents from a disk.

3. The Trading partner step is proceeding without exceptions even when the delimiters used are completely different than what is configured in the EDI profile. Does the Trading Partner step doesn't check for the EDI document as per the EDI specifications?

4. This time I dropped a text file with text content "this is a test file". Trading Partner step bombed complaining that delimiters are unrecognizable (which is good that it caught that). Then why it is not catching if I use an actual EDI document with completely different delimiters.

5. For the EDI document with different delimiters, i am also able to create a map based on EDI profile with different delimiters and successfully create an XML or any other target file. I can also inject any content (xxx is actual data that i have masked as this cannot be shared in public). Note that This-is-wrong-data, however Trading partner and mapper both of them didnt throw any exception and readily accepted the file. the delimiters used are also not in sync with the edi profile.



6. I am also perplexed and confused with document property Trading Partner Set up --> X12 --> Transaction set --> Is valid EDI message. This property always set to false, though the EDI document is valid.

Can someone please help me, as the design, i have to immediately notify business is the edi document received from trading partner is valid or not. How do i do that. How do i stop my processing if edi document is not as per the specs (in the above work that i have done, the process is continuing without throwing any exceptions).


Am I missing anything? How are others configured for the above functionality?