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MDM - Address Model

Question asked by ChadWatson7251 on Jul 27, 2017

Wondering how this situation is handled with MDM.


We want to use MDM to create a location master record.  The location would be based on the addresses of our customers.  Different customers could have the exact same address.  


In our instance, a customer could be a physician.  Multiple physicians could work at the same address, but we would have them in the source system as individual customers.


Source A - Read-Only Source

SourceA ID: 100

Address: 123 Mockingbird Lane


SourceA ID: 101

Address: 123 Mockingbird Lane


Source B:

SourceB ID: ABC

Address: 123 Mockingbird Lane


As it passes through the MDM, it should create one master location record associated with 123 Mockingbird Lane.  We'd like to be able to see that the source IDs associated with that address include 100, 101 from Source A and ABC from Source B.


Is this possible to do this?

Would the MDM system just view the 2 addresses from Source A as duplicates and kick the second one back?

Can we allow the duplicate to exist in the Source system and just link them via the MDM?