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how to read values from a file that need to be passed dynamically to a GET HTTP Client URL

Question asked by jmlegon416404 on Jul 29, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2017 by daniel.santana

i am new with Boomi (sorry for this basic question)

I configure an HTTP Client shape which works fine when dealing with static values. It just send a GET request to the following URL . Now i would like to replace the petId (11) in that example by a dynamic value that i read in a flat file.

But when i put a set of values (petId) in a text file i don't know how to link the ID to this dynamic parameter.

I read couple other recommendation that i followed such as : declare the "petId" as a resource path and don't create a parameter from the parameter tab in the HTTP Client shape ; which what i did

i also created a dynamic document property before the HTTP Client shape with the same name  "petId"


So could somone please tell how to link the petId from the flatfile and to this dynamic document property in a map ??

my current process is :

Read (Disk) + Map ( read ID Value from csv --> ?) + Set Property + HTTP Client 


Thanks a lot for your help !