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EDI Tracked Fields and viewing unchanged Raw EDI document and EDI logs

Question asked by lawson_it_support275393 on Aug 4, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2017 by 8057028

1. Is there an option to replay the EDI documents from the Errors screen in Trading Partner (Process Execution).

Trading Partner is the screen where I can see Order Number and all the other EDI related content including the Tracking fields and having replay from here is helpful.  I know there is replay option from executions screen, however I need the replay option from Trading Partners screen. (this is the only place where all the EDI related information is available)


2. An EDI document has many transactions (multiple ST-SE segments). In the Trading Partner (process execution), I can see the individual ST-SE segments. (downloading the document options gives me single ST-SE segments). Is there an option in Boomi where I can view the complete raw EDI document from the process execution screen?


3. I believe by default, the process logs are kept for 30 days. Does it apply to EDI, trading partners and edi documents processing to. If we configure local atom to maintain purge for more than 30 days, however process history from boomi would show only for 30 days, how to retrieve the information older than 30 days?


4. Boomi EDI doesn't maintain any logs in the database. Is my statement correct? If we need to maintain any logs including EDI data in the logs, this will be customization and in the process we have to design to insert the information we need in database. Is this the only way. while installing Boomi atomsphere, is there an option to configure database so that all logs are stored in database?

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