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How to use parameters (based on Message ID) in Mail Connector(Incoming mails)

Question asked by jayachandran.oduvil659422 on Aug 7, 2017



I am extracting mails through mail connector but unable to receive Inline text and attachment simultaneously.In the Deposition 2 options are available, Inline and Attachment. Our requirement is to extract inline text and attachment at same time. Later we applied a new logic that we added two mail connectors and one for inline text another for attachment. In the 2nd connector we need to extract attachment based on message ID. 


In this scenario we are unable to get attachment based on message ID. In the Mail connector Parameters tab is available. When we apply the parameter value saying that need to setup a profile. What kind of profile we need to create in this level. 


Please advise how to resolve this issue. 


Thanks in Advance