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EDI B2B and A2A architecture

Question asked by lawson_it_support275393 on Aug 4, 2017

I would like to get some input on EDI, B2B and A2A architecture on how your clients have implemented and what has worked best for you in terms of infrastructure.

Lets say you are using Boomi already for A2A - on premise and cloud integration. Naturally you deploy them in molecule to provide Fault Tolerance and High Availability. (2 Atoms (say Atom1 and Atom2) in cluster with each atom running on separate host).

Now, when you want to implement Boomi EDI too, what will you do (below are the options)

1. Reuse the existing atoms, and deploy EDI processes on the same atoms - 1 and 2  on machines 1 and 2

2. Reuse the same hosts, create additional 2 atoms for edi and deploy the edi process on new atoms. Now you have

Machine 1 with atoms 1 and 3 (3 is for edi) and Machine 2 with atoms 2 and 4 (4 is for edi) - all of them use the same fileshare.

3. Create new atoms in new hosts (machines 3 and 4). Now you have set up machine 1 with atom1, machine2 with atom2, machine3 with atom3 and machine4 with atom4 (with edi processing dedicated to machine3 &4), all of them use the same file share

4. Option 4 is same as option3 with different fileshare for edi atoms.

How have you implemented Boomi EDI and A2A architecture, how many hosts and atoms have you used. I would like to get the Boomi user's inputs. thanks in advance.