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Atomsphere Queue - Is this based on JMS API

Question asked by lawson_it_support275393 on Aug 15, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2018 by andrew.constantine309036

I understand Atomsphere Queue requires separate license.

The following are my questions

1. Atomsphere Queue server is based on which JMS API specification ?

2. I believe the host where Atom is installed, the JMS Server (Queue shared server) gets installed there, is it accurate.

3. Does Atomsphere Queue server satisfies all the JMS API specifications? Does it have any add-ons or extensions?

4. Why cannot messages from atom queue communicate with another atom? If I have 2 atoms in the same network, processes running on one atom, should be able to communicate with Queue server in the other atom. Why is it not possible with Boomi?

Adam Arrowsmith reaching out again to you for your reliable answers, thank you.