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Optimise atom cloud performance

Question asked by stephenp on Aug 17, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2017 by James Ahlborn

I am looking into performance issues on our boomi atom cloud.


I have created a very simple hello world process to as below and published it to a production atom cloud.  The Web Service Server is configured as low latency all other permissions are defaults.  We are using an intermediate API and basic authentication.


Hello World


The initial web service call takes some time as expected but subsequent requests are still taking around 50000ms!  We were hoping to be able to use a boomi process to pull json data to be displayed in a client side web browser, however with even a basic process taking almost a minute to respond this wont work for us.



Realistically what sort of response times should i be expected in the real world and what else can i do to improve performance?




Process NameAvg Response (ms)Standard Deviation# of executionsAvg Inbound Size (bytes)Avg Inbound CountAvg Outbound Size (bytes)Avg Outbound CountAvg Returned Size (bytes)Avg Returned Count
Hello World Web Service14522.2423732.63290b10b011b1


real time dashboard