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Error while using import in SOAP Web Service Client Connector operation

Question asked by abhishek_pant726570 on Aug 14, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2017 by abhishek_pant726570

Getting the below error while trying to use import from SOAP Web service client connector operation: "com.boomi.webservices.AuthWSDLLocatorImpl$WsdlLocatorException: Error locating component for WSDL; Caused by: Error locating component for WSDL; Caused by: Redirects are only supported from http to https".


I tried using a Program Command shape to see if it works or not, and it gave out an error. I contact my IT team and asked them if the requests are being bypassed in firewall or not. They told that all the request going out from BOOMI are being bypassed in proxy firewall. What else do it need to check for? Please suggest. I am using a molecule.