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Querying Derived or Calculated Netsuite Fields

Question asked by kevin.binder998279 on Aug 15, 2017

Hi All,


I'm trying to pull information from Netsuite Customers to Salesforce Accounts, and I've noticed that some field values aren't being pulled in my query. It appears that fields that are calculated or derived from other fields on the Customer record or related records are not being included in the query. On the other hand, the fields that can be edited directly through the UI can be pulled into my query without a problem.


I'm wondering how to get around this. If the answer has something to do with the "Store Value" checkbox on the field itself, it's worth noting that some of the fields I'm working with are Summary Search custom fields, so they can't have that checkbox checked on them:


Custom Fields from Summary Search Results | Explore Consulting 


Thanks for the help.