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EBS connector for Boomi

Question asked by vimanchanda176746 on Aug 22, 2017

Hi All -


We are trying to do a quick POC and leverage EBS connector to integrate Oracle EBS with Other Applications.

As I understand from connector documentation, EBS connector only invokes pl/sql packages exposed on Oracle Integration repository. And Query operation allows it to read the data from Oracle base tables


My queries are :

1. Can EBS Connector invoke everything exposed over Integration repository ? For e.g Business events, APIs, Concurrent program, XML gateway etc.?

2. Can Boomi expose Oracle's standard APIs as services without writing any custom pl/sql ?

3. How different EBS connector is from Database connector i.e what operation it can support which is not achievable through Database connector ?

4. Is it advisable to have business validations in Boomi layer ?



Vikas Manchanda