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Slow SMTP connector

Question asked by rob.banas on Aug 24, 2017

Hi all, I'm wondering if others have experienced slow connections when using the Mail connector.

I have a process that needs to send 11 emails and it takes 4:00 minutes to complete the process. The majority of the time (97%) is spent on the Mail connector.


Process summary:


Process state details:



The process itself:



In this process, I pull messages off an Atom queue. Each message is examined to see if it is 'completed'.

If it is complete, it's sent out by email. In my example, 3 messages were successful.


If it's not, I determine why it's not complete: either '997 is not received on time' or '824 is not received on time'. I then re-queue the message and send an email to notify the user. In my example, 8 were not complete.


The Atom is running on premise. My organization has an internal SMTP relay to Outlook365.

Is there something I can look into, on the Boomi side, to speed this up, or is this most likely a network issue?