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Experts, Boomi XML Profile data (input payload) is null.

Question asked by on Aug 30, 2017
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Having a wearied experience.

One of my XML Profile holds the input payload, but at end of the entire flow (just before stop shape), I am trying to send an email (thru mail connector)  with above XML Proifle (input payload)  as a inlined-body of that email.  Surprisingly,  I am getting "null" in the email.   



1)- Whats the life-cylce scope of XML Profile in Boomi ?

2)- How can I store the input payload (or any other XML Document) in a variable ?

3)- Why and how a valid XML Profile (document) became Null at end ?


Picture 1:

Input payload is successfully captured in XML Profile


Picture 2:

Referring above Input payload in email body


Picture 3:

Email is holding Null for above XML Profile


Picture 4:

Over all flow: