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Boomi must give export options to download code, xml, schema etc using local atom

Question asked by lawson_it_support275393 on Aug 29, 2017

Boomi must give options to export the existing code that has been developed (xml, xsd, code, mapping connector) using local atoms and then using local atom it should be able to import to desired environment as required.


I know there are possibly APIs available to do this. However, I would also like to have a simple export feature that exports the Boomi artifacts (my code) into my desired local atom folders and then using other local atom, i need to be simply able to import the code. This needs to be this simple.  Why do I have to write complex  APIs and all that to do this task. This need lot of efforts including knowledge, development and testing.


Almost all the integration platforms in market give you option to export the code once it is developed there, it is frustrating not to export my own code from Boomi to other accounts.