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NetSuite Saved Search XML to CSV

Question asked by vfalk on Sep 7, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2017 by vfalk

Hello Boomi Community!


I have been tasked with generating CSV files from NetSuite Saved Searches and have ran into a few issues along the way. The first pain point has been around joins and RecordRef values, but have been able, for the most part, to find work around by adding Connector Calls into the maps as "look ups".


However, I am running into a weird scenario where I can clearly see the data I need in the XML response from the NetSuite Saved Search, but when mapping the XML fields to the desired Flat File, the values are not populating in the flat file.


The following is the XML response I am getting. The only data I can pass into my map Profile is the field bolded, underlined, and in blue below: 


         <searchValue internalId="42"></searchValue>
      <searchValue internalId="5"></searchValue>
      <searchValue internalId="1"></searchValue>
      <searchValue internalId="1"></searchValue>


None of the pricingJoin fields populate nor does the Internal ID in the Basic section of the XML response. I know Joins in NetSuite XML objects get tricky, but here where I can clearly see the data, I am out of ideas for what might be the issue.


Any advice on this would be much appreciated! As always with our jobs, time is of the essence