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Boomi AS2 - Performance Testing

Question asked by lawson_it_support275393 on Sep 11, 2017
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All, I need your inputs on direct Boomi AS2 connection

1. With Boomi process based on direct Boomi AS2 connection, I believe the files are processed in real time as soon as they are received. There is no need to set up scheduler. Please confirm.

2. How many files can Boomi Process based on AS2 connection can handle in a minute. If the requirement is to receive XML file on AS2 connection, perform simple mapping and validation and logging and store the data in end applications. 

3. Does the Boomi process based on AS2 connection choke, if more files are received on the connection? What options are available to control the execution for multiple process without issues. 

4. When multiple files are received on AS2 connection, do all of them get processed in single instance (with multiple documents) or does each file will form its own process instance. I would prefer to have one process instance for each document, is this possible?

Please provide inputs. How is your experience with using Boomi with direct AS2 connection compared to saving the files in disk and then using Boomi process based on disk connetor. Boomi AS2 or Boomi  Disck connector. Which one is preferred and why?

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