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When to Use Certain Options within an HTTP Client Connector Operation

Question asked by jonathan.payne679690 on Sep 7, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2017 by jonathan.payne679690

Hi All,

This is more of just a general blanket question. When looking at the different options within an HTTP Client Connector's operation, how does one know when to use certain settings (request profile type, response profile type, content type, etc)? The HTTP Method and subsequent checkboxes are fine, but mainly I'm curious about Request Profile Type down to Content Type. I have API guides for REST API for a particular application, so is there information within a certain API resource that should technically explain when to use certain settings and when not to? I've looked at a few integrations using REST API calls, and some of them use some settings, some don't. But there's really nothing in the API guide for some of those APIs that clue me into WHY some of those combinations of settings are use. Can anyone clarify some of this, or would it be pretty impossible without actually seeing the API guides? Thanks in advance!