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Message shape fetching personID from Compound Emp taking 5 hours

Question asked by on Sep 16, 2017
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We are fetching personID from compound employee with in a message shape and creating comma separated string for those personID.

84349 compound employee documents are flowing with in a message shape.

We are passing them in batches of 500 and fetching personId from each of them , thus creating personID string for 500 employee IDs and same for next 500 batch.

The total execution time for this message shape is 17556 seconds , ~ 5 hours. Due to this , performance of our execution is going down. 

For ref. We have tried XML profile, Flat File profile both and with less volume of data with in the profile as well. But the situation is same. 


Requesting your suggestions on same. and any other approach to get this personId String.