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From Jason request profile, how to pass parameter to Mainframe RPG program

Question asked by c-vvenkitasamy046244 on Sep 17, 2017

Salesforce sends the Json request to BOOMI. BOOMI Insert one of the column value called QUOTE ID in the DB2 table. After insertion, QUOTE ID will be passed to mainframe AS400  RPG program to get the Price of the particular product. When we pass the static value in the RPG Program , execution is successful and updating the Price in the DB2 table. But, while passing the QUOTE ID as parameter, it is failing. Could you please any one help me or advice in technically fix this parameter configuration in different way in BOOMI. we have spent more than one week. We are not able find answer.   


Note :  Is there any alternate way calling the RPG program thru GROOVY script. If it is, can you provide the technical detail to resolve this.