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When does "Paste" create new items vs linking to existing items?

Question asked by allan.ford577519 on Sep 19, 2017

Hi !


I am interested in functionality of copy and paste in Dell Boomi.


When does "Paste" create new items vs linking to existing?


I think the answer is that you always get a new shape but the new shape often (or always) refers to existing underlying item(s) as per set in the "copied from" process.


I can copy and paste process items from one process into another new process.


A lot of care and understanding is required in doing this as the pasted items are new shape but reference a shared copy of an underlying item from another process. (which I guess is often a good thing when understood). (i.e. a trap might be that developer goes ahead and changes the underlying item, thinking it is a new thing, that is actually used by the "copy from" process and maybe more processes thus unwittingly altering or breaking other processes.)


Eg. Copy and paste of a Cache item will create a new Cache Shape item but pointing to the Document Cache item as per from the copied process.


So if a new Document Cache is wanted, and the Cache shape is copied from another process, then the user needs to take steps to clear the "Document Cache" dropdown setting and create a new one.