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Putting repetitive data in to XML

Question asked by mrelzer on Sep 20, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2017 by josh_hutchins778263

I have an XML profile I am writing to. There is a section that I need to repeat... for example:



  <section segment="1">



  <section segment="1">





This is a gross over-simplification, to try and pinpoint the problem. However you an see "section" shows up twice. In the actual document the first "section" is to create a transaction... the second section is to execute the transaction.


I have attempted to setup identifier instances -- where I replicated "section" with a qualifier of 1, and another of 2.


This allowed me to separate out the data that needed to go in to the first and second version of "section"... but then it turns out that SAP processing the XML (IDOC) wants all of the segments to be equal to 1. So it doesn't seem I can use identifier instances to do this (since I can't add the same identifier twice).


I guess in the simplest terms... when I am working on mapping an XML profile -- how can I get Boomi to add the same XML section a second time?


I'm sorry if this doesn't seem clear, I'm really struggling with how to ask the question so it makes some sense.