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How to grant access to connections and/or other preconfigured component to sub accounts

Question asked by slevak567248 on Sep 20, 2017



We have create template processes in our master account for several of our more common processes.

These templates contain multiple connectors for which the connection configurations are left un-configured.

These templates are published and granted access to the sub account


Our analysts log into the sub account and install the published template to the Process Library directory.

The analyst copies the template process from the process library to their working folder and renames as needed.


We are good up to this point.


The analyst then goes to select a connection for one of the connectors in the process. The problem is that the list of connectors are not accessible in the sub account.


Here is where we are stuck.



* The analyst needs to be able to copy/install/retrieve etc the connections from the master account into the client sub account they are logged into. There are 15 connections for one of the connectors in the template and 4 connections for the 2nd connector in the template. The analyst will need to choose the desired connection from the list of pre-configured connection components.


The name of the connection component cannot be changed (i.e. automatically renumbered by Boomi). it must be the same name connection name that's in the master account.


There may be new connections added to the lists in the master account or changes made to the configuration. The analyst needs to be able to easily pull in the new or changed connectors. In the case of a changed connector, the name should not change, just need to update the configuration.



Tried so far:

(1)  Looked for a way to publish individual components such as connections. Was not able to find a way to do this.


(2)  Pre-configuring the processes - this is not possible due as it would require every possible combination of connections for every possible process - this would be thousands in our case


(3) Created a process called "Components" which contained a component for each connector pre-configured to each connection. From the constraint case above, that's 15 + 4 = 19 connectors. This was published and then installed to the sub account and did actually work the first time. All the connections imported to the sub account. The problem then was maintenance.


There are two issues with this last solution -


(a) adding a connector to the master process and then reinstalling duplicated all the connections  in the sub account with a incremental counter at the end of the connection name. We have names such as Prod 1 and Prod Prod 3 would be a problem since we have no such environment.


(b) Deleting this "Components" process from the process library and then reinstalling it still changes the names of the connections that are imported into the sub account...  e.g.   QA  becomes QA1   or QA 1 becomes QA 2.



Question:   How do we set this up to do all of the following:

   (1)  Our analysts can bring in templated processes to the sub account (from being logged into the sub account)

   (2)  Bring in all of our pre-configured components into the sub account so they can use the "Choose" functionality when they configure a connector, datamap, etc.. and pick from these pre-configured components.

   (3) Update the pre-configured components from the master account (when updates are available) without Boomi renaming the components in the sub account. 

 * We are not having problems doing this with processes, since Boomi allows us to publish processes. This is working fine. Only having issues with individual components that form our "library of reusable components".




   - Steve