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Magento SOAP XML

Question asked by ben_miller246102 Employee on Sep 18, 2017

I'm working on an integration with Magento SOAP Version 1.  It seems that Magento SOAP v1 is a bit clunky, but I also noticed that no one seems to use xml for magento so I'm having a really hard time finding examples of correctly formatted Magento SOAP XML.  Right now I'm trying to figure out if it's worth it to keep trying with XML or to figure out how to do it without XML.  Just because I've been working with the web services soap shape on this so far.  I'm not sure where to start if I wanted to utilize something that I can find plenty of examples of (example: Shipment Add Track).


Here is what I'm having problems with.  SOAP v2 actually has unique XMLs in the WSDL for a lot more things that you would want to do, but since I'm stuck on v1, I have to use the same XML for multiple things that are not at all similar.  Creating a shipment, adding tracking to a shipment and creating an invoice all has to be done with the same basic Call XML structure.  

This seems fine until you get to pieces that have more than one argument, update tracking for example, will need to have an argument for orderincrementid as well as tracking number and carrier.  If I could find a correct example of this it might not be too hard to edit the xml to what I need, but I can't and obviously I can't map all 3 values to args.  To make things worse, the example above only has one argument and mapping straight to args doesn't work even for that situation.  So I have accomplished very little.