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Message HTML table header repeats for all records. Need header only once.

Question asked by manoj.chinnasamy on Sep 26, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2017 by ManuThommes7331

Hello Experts,


I am using a message shape to send mail for all records that ends up with errors. Input will have hundreds of records in this Integration and say 40 failed and current email will have 40 sections with few inputs data to identify failed records. This is really hard to read for business users and asking for a tabular format.


So I changed this integration and Try/Catch is connected to MESSAGE shape and a HTML table is used in Message section. But the issue is, Message Shape repeats Header for each record in table that was sent in mail. Removed Header HTML tags and it just sends error data in table format. But would like to add header or a note with column sequence somewhere in Message. Whatever text I add in Message is repeated for each record.

Is there a way to specify a record as header  or Do not repeat or End of message etc within Message Shape. Tries passing subject in MAIL shape operation but its overwritten by Message passed in MESSAGE shape.


Appreciate your time and answers/recommendations. Thanks