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Difference between Deployment and Attachment of Process ?

Question asked by abdur.hameedshaikh202829 on Sep 22, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2017 by brianbrinley

Could you please explain me different between Attachment and Deployment ?

Is Attachment a mandatory before deployment ?

Is Attachment concept is applicable only for Environment Enabled accounts ?

If I have only Atoms without Environment, Do I need to Attach and then deploy or direct Deployment is possible?

I have Environment with 3 Atoms, if I attach process to environment, then it should be deployed to all 3 atoms. Do I need to schedule it per atom or schedule it at Environment level and execution will be taken care between 3 Atoms ? If I need to schedule it per Atom then what is the use of Environment having many atom or Environment is just logical component ?


As I am new to dell Boomi, sorry for my basic question. I tried Boomi Help document but not getting confidence about above questions.