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SF to AD integration via LDAP connector

Question asked by roselle.d.cartagena215066 on Sep 25, 2017
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I am creating an interface where I am going to query data from Successfactors and send it to Active Directory through LDAP connector.


This is what my draft interface looks like:




I was given the below credentials:


I was also given an SSL certificate and I imported and deployed it.


I created a sample user in the active directory just to test the connection but whenever I tried to query the user I was not successful and was thrown this error:



I set the Parameter searchBase = DC=blah,DC=blah,DC=com (I  changed the values for security reason)


The highlighted fields are the fields that I need to send to the active directory


This is my second mapping, with the target profile imported from LDAP


But I am not sure what value to use to populate the userDN and objectClass fields. I also not sure where to use other values like employeeID, UserAccountControl and mail.


This is the error thrown:

Can you advise on what to do please. It is my first time using an LDAP connector. It is also my first time integrating to Active Directory. Please help

These are the other details of my interface:


Am I lacking something or is there any wrong configuration that I made. Please help

Adam Arrowsmith and other people here in community. Please help if you have any advise please