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Error occured while using dataprocess shape while splitting

Question asked by shaik.desowja on Sep 29, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2017 by britto.parthalomew

I have noticed new error while we are using data process shape. We have an PO number(unique) record for that po it will have "n" number of line id's. While we are retrieving the record all the line id's will present in a single file for that po.
Now my requirement is i need to split files by using Line id' for that po  I need to get several line id's individual files. so i have used data process shape for splitting line id. But the problem is, for suppose if an po having 4 line id's then i should get 4 files. But i am able retrieve 2 files. i.e.., it is splitting documents as 2 line id's files as an single file. but my requirement is it should split as single file.
please suggest?