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How to optimize SAP connection to reduce licensing cost?

Question asked by msonawane173815 on Sep 29, 2017
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We are trying to design solution using BOOMI Atmosphere to integrate our SAP system with Salesforce. We have single SAP instance (1 SAP Connector - Enterprise Class) and 2 different Salesforce orgs (2 SFDC Connector (US & EU) - Standard Class). As per current design we are deploying all processes related to US data on US ATOM (US ENVIRONMENT) and processes related to Europe data on EU ATOM (EU ENVIRONMENT). This we have done to execute whole data migration 4-5 times a day based on data volume. Because of BOOMI licensing, we are forced to use 2 SAP connector here even if our source instance is same. I am trying to optimize this design to save 1 SAP connector. Need your help or suggestions redesign the solution to optimize the use of SAP Connector. Thanks