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FTP to S3 Bucket File Transfer

Question asked by vaibhavi.aras130907 on Sep 29, 2017
Latest reply on May 28, 2018 by vishwamannam623297

Hi All,
Need You suggestion for one of the simple scenario we need to fetch the files from FTP server (On-premise) and push in to the S3 Bucket (cloud).

below options for solution: -


Option 1 : This is using On-premise and cloud Boomi both, using atom queues. On premise-Boomi fetch files from FTP and pass into the atom queue. Cloud Boomi then fetch the files from Pre-Boomi queue by using http listener. After that place the file in AWS queue and then to S3 bucket. This looks like over complication of processes.


Option 2 : Simple fetching the file by FTP connector and transfer file in S3 Bucket using S-3 Connecter. Requires to get the ports open from AWS Server to On premise FTP Server.


We are not able to get the advantages of using Option 1 over option 2 if there any. Can you please help us in choosing the best approach.

Thanks In Advance!!!