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Map - Concatenate Input XML field multiple occurance to single comma seperated string

Question asked by abdur.hameedshaikh202829 on Oct 2, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2017 by abdur.hameedshaikh202829

Dear All,


I am getting input XML file having following structure.

<AccountHistoryList>                                                         1 ... 1

   <AccountHistory>                                                               0 ... Unbounded

         <UserID>0055E000000OX4t</UserID>                        0 ... 1



I ca have multiple UserID per document. My requirement is to convert Input XML to string of concatenated user id separated by comma.

I am expecting output as UserID1, UserID2, UserID3 ... UserIDN from XML. I have to pass this string as Value of SaleForce IN operation.


Creating Dynamic Process Property and use SET, GET , CONCATENATE in map helps me to build comma separated string. But for every XML value, I have to perform 3 Map function and considering more than 100 Thousand records, I feel not a good idea.


Anybody has any idea other than Dynamic Process properties ?