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SFTP Get and Delete Operation

Question asked by mithun.kumar367957 on Oct 10, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2018 by 55410252

How does the SFTP Get and Delete operation work when there are multiple files to be deleted? I have an SFTP Get and Delete operation working fine in test environment with file filter and remote directory parameters set on the connector. The Get and Delete happens fine in a test sftp server where it deletes the files(Document property)  from the Remote directory ( Process property)  configured on the connection parameters. In production , the operation always deletes the first file in SFTP directory and does not delete the rest. It throws an error  - Unexpected error executing process: com.boomi.connector.ConnectorException: Error executing sftp command: Specified file path is invalid



Added a logger before the connector to verify the values of the properties in sftp connector params. values are valid and are the ones i want to get deleted. To eventually resolve this , had to add a Flow control right before the connector to process the documents individually.


I would assume Get and Delete works the same way irrespective of the number of documents, but would this be a config on the SFTP server side , since it is working in a lower environment on a different server. The only difference between the two sftp servers being that the one which throw an error uses an SSH based authentication