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Insert/Upsert NetSuite Sales Order with Credit Card

Question asked by hwatson221955 on Oct 10, 2017

I am trying to insert a sales order in NetSuite. If I add any type of credit card information, I get an error saying "USER_ERROR Type: ERROR Message: Please enter a payment method".


I have set the payment method both directly (by forcing the internal ID to be a known payment method ID) and indirectly (through a connector lookup on the value) in the map with no success. I can see in the web services log that I am sending a payment method. However, no matter what I do (insert or upsert), I can't seem to get the payment method to be set.


I have also manually set it on an existing order in NetSuite, then queried for that to see the XML - it matches what I am sending.


NetSuite has nothing on this, other than to say that you have to send a full credit card with the payment method (which I am doing).


Anyone have any suggestions?