Mission Critical Alerts with PagerDuty

Discussion created by chris_deal Employee on Oct 12, 2017

Some alerts shouldn't be treated equally.  When something really bad happens, you may need to know about it immediately.  Certain alerts going into email land just aren't good enough.  I highly recommend using PagerDuty for this:  I've personally used it as a client and just implemented it for a client that is really happy with it.


It has a great escalation policy, you can set on-call schedules, multiple services, and all sorts of fun alerting goodness to help you not miss the really bad issues.  Familiar with The Office?  It's basically a Wuphf .  It can email, call, text, and/or alert you through the phone app, then escalate to someone else if that person doesn't answer within x minutes.  These alerts can be triggered through the API or by email.  If you already have the email connector, this method works great.