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Writing NULL value in sql dynamic update

Question asked by david.konatschnig on Oct 17, 2017
Latest reply on May 16, 2018 by ben_miller246102


I am trying to make a SQL Update Statement using the Connector (Dynamic Update) with some fields having NULL value.

However, it doesn't seem to work. When i check my Database afterwards, i see that the NULL value is saved as string in that columns. How can i  do that?


The generated update script looks something like this:

DBSTART|f51a33f3-b2d6-44e8-a859-305f5aa69120|2|@|BEGIN|2|@|OUT_START|3|@|12345|^|NULL|^|NULL|^||^|NULL|^|19710101 000000.000|^||^|NULL|^||^||^|NULL|^|Name|^||^|50|^|NULL|^|NULL|^|eng|^|NULL|^|NULL|^||^|NULL|^|NULL|^|Male|^|Something|^|AG|^||^||^|Something|^|NULL|^|Something|^||^||^||^||^|ACTIVE|^|100200562|^|city 1234|^|GU|^|NULL|^|NULL|^|NULL|^|NULL|^|NULL|^|NULL|^|NULL|^|NULL|^|NULL|^|2000|^||^|100200562|#||#|OUT_END|3|@|END|2|@|DBEND|f51a33f3-b2d6-44e8-a859-305f5aa69120|2|@|


I've seen that someone had similar problem, but i'm asking if it is possible in another way (using the dynamic update)?