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Using LIKE in API not working

Question asked by gasweet283435 on Oct 12, 2017
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I am trying to use LIKE in API and getting an Unknown response.


I am doing a SOAP call and returning EDI documents where I have any status with an error in the ackStatus field. Here is the query.


   <api:expression xmlns:xsi="" operator="LIKE" property="ackStatus"       xsi:type="api:SimpleExpression">


I know if works the rest of the code works as when I use EQUALS and the exact wording the response is correct. I tried to use "*" instead of "%" also and it did not work.


This is what I get back:


<S:Envelope xmlns:S="">

      <S:Fault xmlns:ns4="">
         <faultstring>Unknown filter op: LIKE</faultstring>


It does not like my LIKE. What should the parameters be to get the correct documents returned?