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View Data privilege

Question asked by lucille.brown963641 on Oct 18, 2017
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Is there a way of restricting View Data privilege to specific environments?

We have a single account with various Partners working across many projects. Whilst in Dev/Test we are happy they can view data (as it's dummy), we would want to restrict data to just the select few who support PreProd and Prod environments.

Unless I'm missing something, if I grant View Data to any user, even if I try and restrict by environment, they are able to view all data across all environments? This means that Partners working on projects for some parts of the Business can see data for other Business areas. They have been granted Atom Management Read Access, View Audit Logs and View Results in PreProd and Prod.

Our security teams are quite excited by this. At the moment we have denied the privilege to everyone and will add on a needs must basis.


Thanks in advance!