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HTTP POST built with & incorrectly

Question asked by michael.mcnally457688 on Oct 23, 2017
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I'm trying to emulate a simple http POST via a http connection in my process.  (In this example I'm POSTING a simple text message to an API that will forward to a mobile phone (provided by SMSbroadcast)).

I'm able to build and POST via PostMan as shown below. My question is - how to do this in BOOMI? I am very close, however the &'s are being replaced with & .. most annoying and I cannot work out how to stop this.




I've followed the suggestions found here in the community - for using setting and using properties before substituting in the resource path 



however - the end result in the process log shows & for each &



it should be noted that I have no references to any character that may cause issues with the URL encoding - , no spaces etc


Many thanks to the community for invaluable material already found,