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Question asked by TomDevonald1411 on Oct 19, 2017



Has anyone seen this error when trying to post an IDOC into SAP? I think it is a SAP issue but was wondering if anyone has seen it before and the steps they took to solve it? It is working for certain IDOCs but the DEBMAS IDOC is encountering this error, both as a standard IDOC and a DEBMAS07 structure wrapped inside a "mega" IDOC.


Test execution of XXXX completed with errors. Embedded message: (7) IDOC_ERROR_PARSE_FAILURE: An IDocIllegalTypeException occurred while parsing IDoc-XML for type <DEBMAS07>: state=READING_SEGMENT_STARTTAG, charPosition=361, lineNumber=14, columnNumber=14; Caused by: (4) IDOC_ERROR_ILLEGAL_TYPE: Segment type "DEBMAS07" is not a valid child segment type. DOCUMENT: type=DEBMAS07; SEGMENT: type=ROOT, definition=ROOT